Welcome to my website

Long closed factories, abandoned cold war military bases, derelict
hospitals and forgotten World War 2 bunkers. Sites that would not
normally captivate the publics imagination. To me, these sites represent a
part of Britains history that is often overlooked. Together with other like
minded individuals we explore these sites and we photograph them for
posterity.  Within this website you will find my photographs of these

Enjoy your visit and please leave me some feedback...good or bad!
Many of the sites I visit are extremely dangerous and in most cases not open to the public. While I
always take the appropriate precautions I can not advise or accept responsibility for anyone
wishing to visit any of the places listed on this site. Explore the easy way...do it from the comfort of
your pc.
All rights reserved.  www.citadelmonkey-urbex.com

This site wouldn't  have
been possible without the
explorers who it has been
my pleasure to be involved
with...you know who you are

CM 2008
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